School Isn't In Session! What do I Do??

All CMS middle school students! This section is for you during this crazy time of uncertainty. It will be very easy for you to want to do nothing (or sit in front of the TV, stay on your phone, or sleep all day). BUT it is really important that you stay current with all your school work and to find something to keep you active. It will be hard, but these are the suggestions I have!!

Limit exposure to media as much as possible

With so much happening in the world right now, it's easy to become overwhelmed with negative information. Find other ways to spend your time and ask your parents to keep you posted on what you need to know. 

Follow a schedule

Set a reasonable bedtime (no later than 10pm), set your alarm so you're up no later than 9am. Follow the recommended virtual school schedule found here

Limit screen time

This includes TV, phones, computers, iPads, video games - it's anything with a screen! Yes, you are required to complete your schoolwork online, so be sure to use your screen time for that! Data shows that too much screen time has negative impacts on your health and well-being.

Go outside - be active!

Exercise is critical for your brain and body. It helps us feel better, improves our mood, and gives us something to do. Keep your blood pumping by doing activities each day. Take a walk, play hide and seek, complete a workout video. Many online workout programs are offering free access to their videos during this time, so check them out!

Take care of yourself

Many of you might be asked to watch siblings and help out around the house during this time. Everyone will need to step up and do extra things; however, be sure you are taking care of yourself as well. Keep up with your personal hygiene, get enough sleep (not too much, not too little; watch this video), and find a time and space for your body to relax. I will be including apps and other activities within my Canvas course that I hope will be useful to you. Ms. Mizelle, the school social worker, also has a website ( and Google classroom that you can join, just email her for the information!

Sign up for my Canvas course

I have created a Canvas course for CMS students that provides daily/weekly activities and wellness information. Join beginning Monday, March 23 by accepting the invitation available in Canvas.

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